Exhibitions at the Old Parcels Office ArtSpace

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Memory – truth & fable

Sat 11th – Sun 26th Nov

Exhibiting together for the first time, the resident studio artists at the Old Parcels Office respond to the theme Memory – truth & fable”, in an exhibition that showcases the wide range of art practices housed under the OPO roof. From ceramics, drawing, painting, textiles, photographic based work and installation, each artist has responded to the theme in their own unique style, with a mix of recent and newly created work. 

Individually, the artists exhibit widely both across the region and nationally, but the challenge was to find a way to present a group show that encompasses such diverse practices in a cohesive way. With works approaching the theme from different perspectives, from the memory of a landscape, marks left from past actions, personal narratives to uncertain recollections, each piece reflects on the traces of the past and its relationship to truth, in a collective act of remembrance.

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”   Marcel Proust. 


OPO Studio Artists:


Jacqui Barrowcliffe, a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in photography and installation, whose work focuses on process and transience.
CLAIRE, a multi-media image maker whose work draws on autobiographical experiences.
Kane Cunningham, a plein-air landscape painter whose work focuses on the subtle changes in the landscape due to climate change.
Grace Lyons, a self-taught painter inspired by the human body and ancient mythology
Micheal Murphy, primarily a landscape artist, his work is inspired by both the local landscape as well as political events further afield.
Salona, a painter whose expressive interpretations of natural and local scenes symbolise her relationship to her surroundings.
Trish Shaw, a multi-media artist specialising in paper cut works, fluid art and printmaking.
Lizzie Sky Hall, primarily a painter, her work is characterised by her love of colour and the infinite possibilities of mark making.
Mary-Ann Stevens,  a multi-disciplinary artist creating quirky appealing characters that use childlike playfulness to explore more adult concerns.
Lesley Warner, a ceramicist making work inspired by her morning swims in Scarboroughs South Bay.
Jennifer Weston, a multi-disciplinary artist drawn to creating both beautiful objects and radical disruption.


Saturday 11th – Sunday 26th Nov 2022
Gallery Open: Thur – Sun 11am-4pm
All ages
Admission Free