Exhibitions at the Old Parcels Office ArtSpace

people creating artwork

Fri 28th – Sun 30th Oct


Exhibition of original art and prints by Nick Paden

Scend or Scending Noun: a push or surge created by a wave ,a pitching or surging movement .
also : an impulse or urge (of a person ) Verb:(of a vessel) to pitch or surge up in a heavy sea.

Through my art I hope to highlight the unique beauty of our coastlines
and their precious nature along with raising awareness of the need to
continue to preserve them for posterity from threats to their future from
pollution and despoilage.

Whilst I’ve always had a deep interest in art as a long-time surfer,
sometime sailor, the roots of my recent paintings are influenced by the
interplay of the elements of tides, waves, rocks and skies.
I work largely in acrylics and my favourite places to paint are the
beaches our own Yorkshire coast, Northumberland and the far North of

Nick paden

All welcome
Old Parcels Office Artspace
Friday 28th – Sunday 30th Oct 2022
Gallery Open: Thur – Sun 11am-4pm
All ages
Admission Free