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Trustee Opportunities

9 May 2021

An exciting opportunity to join the Board of Trustees of Scarborough
Studios Charitable Incorporated Organisation, bringing high quality
contemporary art to the Old Parcel Office Art Space and enabling
innovative artists to have a platform to show their work.

The day-to-day running of the OPO will be managed by Scarborough Studios CIO
(SSCIO), a Registered Charity. SSCIO aims to support the cultural
regeneration of Scarborough by making contemporary art more accessible
bringing high quality contemporary art to Scarborough, and by giving
innovative artists a platform to show their work in the region.

The overall responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to :
● exercise overall control of the organisation’s current business
● manage the charity’s resources responsibly
● set the strategy and oversee its implementation
● ensure that the needs of your organisation’s beneficiaries are put first
● keep the charity true to its purpose.

To be effective the board requires trustees with a good range of skills and
qualities, and a variety of professional and personal experience. Having a
diverse board will help to ensure the board will make well-rounded decisions.

There are currently 2 Trustee vacancies.

We are looking for people who have the skills and knowledge to contribute to
the promotion of Contemporary Visual Arts for the benefit of local people and
the wider community. To do this effectively you will need knowledge and/or
experience in the field of Visual Arts. Ideally you will also have an additional
skill in an area such as finance, legal, marketing, public
relations/communications, or fundraising. Meetings take place every 4 – 6 weeks.

To apply for one of the Trustee vacancies please send your CV together with
a short statement setting out why you want to be become a Trustee and what
contribution you believe you can make to the work of SSCIO to